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Sharon van Etten - Trarifa (live in Paris)

Not surprisingly, this is gorgeous. 


Tickets are still available for Sharon’s Fall Tour. We hope you enjoy this live performance of Tarifa filmed by Valerie Toumayan at Cafe De Le Danse in Paris, France. See you soon.

This is downright definitive. In a perfect world everyone would listen to Sharon van Etten. I hope she never stops. 

Speaking of cash grabs, I present to you the Fat Boys & The Beach Boys doing “Wipeout.” If you ever wanted to see Al Jardine in a kangol hat scratching records in a bombed out 1980s Times Square, now’s your chance. 

The Beach Boys one and only disco single, released on a 12” no less. It’s a ten minute true remix of Here Comes the Night off Wild Honey. A lot of Beach Boys fans don’t seem to like it but as a cash grab disco single it could be much, much worse. [via]

Raymond Scott - who is probably best known for his song “Powerhouse” from a zillion cartoons - also apparently was an early innovator in electronic music. He made three volumes of instrumental electronic children’s music that is totally insane.  

"Tell Me More" by The Tempters 

The first entry in the new Artifact Series is up. A small, personal labor of love. 

Is there anything bearded white dudes like talking about more than “taste”? 


I made an ad for Warby Parker and now it is online. I hope you like it!

(It is supposed to put you in a good mood.)

Guys - Warby Parker is making excellent youtube videos. I need to get this account! 

*for those of you who don’t know, sourcing and licensing music for excellent youtube videos is what I do for a living. 

(Source: the21gunsalute)


I hope he’s still Gainesfully employed

I legit laughed out loud. 

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