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I’ve heard a lot of musical touchstones bandied about in reference to Benjamin Booker’s new album, but to me it sounds like a b-side off of …And Out Come the Wolves. Which, frankly, is nothing to shake a stick at. 

A Short List of Bands Better In Theory Than in Execution:

  1. Grandaddy

someone call the cop. 


Omg Jenny Lewis interviewed outside TT the Bears in 2002 re: her favorite vegan recipes! She explains how Mike Mogis introduced Rilo Kiley to ‘the magic of nutritional yeast and braggs’ while recording The Execution of All Things ha ha ha 

Woah - I was at that show! 

3 minutes and 33 seconds of pure australian female punk vocal murder. I love it.

Originally posted to music for robots on June 6, 2006. 

Are the kids really moving to brooklyn to make ’90s-style pop punk? What a world! 


Rennie Ellis No Future 1980


2$ Fabo, “Flying Cars”

How many silicon valley underwear disrupters do we really need? 

Clearing the palate, here’s Lyle Lovett’s excellent cover of Jackson Browne’s “Rosie.” The original is a tongue-in-cheek cornball ode to masturbation while on tour, but Lyle — no stranger to corn himself — can’t help but make it a serious song about love. “Looks like its you and me again tonight,” while once a punchline, becomes almost Waitsian in its earnest ennui.

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