3 minutes and 33 seconds of pure australian female punk vocal murder. I love it.

Originally posted to music for robots on June 6, 2006. 

Are the kids really moving to brooklyn to make ’90s-style pop punk? What a world! 


Rennie Ellis No Future 1980


Rennie Ellis No Future 1980


2$ Fabo, “Flying Cars”

How many silicon valley underwear disrupters do we really need? 

Clearing the palate, here’s Lyle Lovett’s excellent cover of Jackson Browne’s “Rosie.” The original is a tongue-in-cheek cornball ode to masturbation while on tour, but Lyle — no stranger to corn himself — can’t help but make it a serious song about love. “Looks like its you and me again tonight,” while once a punchline, becomes almost Waitsian in its earnest ennui.

the whole band should catch AIDS and die.
The kicker from Robert Christgau’s 1993 review of Stone Temple Pilot’s Core

File under: the sound of ice melting in your drink. 

as the label says, this is for heads, by heads, and it is hypnotizing madness.